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Mirror finish on blue Tesla Model 3

Blue Tesla Model 3 
Paint Correction,
Ceramic Coating
Perfection Detail

Although we might have shown quite a few Teslas already, they are our personal favorite car company and one of our most common types of customers. This vehicle came in for Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and our Perfection Interior Detail. This car is a daily driver within 12k miles per year so a Ceramic Coating is the ideal form of protection for this vehicle.

Up first is to take care of the interior. The customer wanted our Perfection Detail on the interior to make sure the inside looks just as good as the outside once it's completely done. We removed all stains on the leather and all loose particles with the vacuum. Got into the nooks and small areas removing all particles. All the mats were thoroughly cleaned and the carpet floors were shampooed. The interior glass was degassed. Very useful tip: if you frequently shine your dash or apply cleaners to it, leave your windows open for a day after you clean it. The fumes from the dressing/cleaner will escape through the window instead of clinging to your windshield, leaving a haze that is very difficult to remove. Now that the interior has been detailed, we move to the outside to clean as a prep stage for the Paint Correction. 

This Tesla is older than the previous ones at just a little over a year, it will require more work to get ready for the Ceramic Coating. Cleaning the vehicle was a bit tougher than the rest as the bugs and dirt came were stuck on there. It took nearly two hours with bug remover and a lot of claying to get the vehicle completely clean. After that, it was prepped and ready for the Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating. 

Even though like all Teslas, the paint is soft, it was a bit more worn out than the others. So first, a pass with a more aggressive pad and compound was necessary to perform the initial Paint Correction. This first phase leaves the paint very hazy and while scratches were completely removed, the paint does not POP after this step. To remove this haze, we go over the vehicle again with the light polishing pad and light polish to remove all swirls, trails, light defects and to make the paint shine and pop. After wiping off all residual polish, the only big step left was to apply the Ceramic Coating.

Now that the Paint Correction process is out of the way, we begin the Ceramic Coating step. The entire car was prepped with IGL Pre-coat to make sure there was absolutely nothing left on the paint. We gave the vehicle one coat of the base layer and two hours later gave it its topcoat. The Ceramic Coating process itself can be very time consuming if it is to be done correctly. A sedan this size can easily take 5+ hours from pre-coat to the final layer of the Ceramic Coating being wiped off. Any company able to do multiple layers of a Ceramic Coating in under 4 hours is either not waiting long enough between coats, not doing all the coats they say they are, or simply using inferior products.


After giving the owners the do's and don'ts of Ceramic Coatings, the car was ready for the photoshoot. Thanks to Paint Correction the car is now scratch free and has a mirror finish. They also have UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the 4-year Ceramic Coating. 

Blue Tesla Front Ceramic Coating Reflection
Detailing Tesla Model 3 Door in El Paso TX
Detailed back seat of Tesla Model 3 in El Paso TX
Driver Detailed Interior Tesla Model 3
Floor of back seat detailed in El Paso TX
Ceramic Coated Trunk Blue Tesla Model 3
Wheel well paint correction in El Paso TX
Ceramic Coated Camera Tesla Model 3

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