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Chrome Delete and Vinyl Wrapping



Chrome delete is a term for any vinyl wrap that lets you hide (or even better, delete) the chrome trim on cars. While some people are still trying to find more ways of adding this once popular metal plating around automobile windows and grilles, most car owners have entered the 21st-century aesthetics by not wanting these shiny details anymore. Instead what we're all looking out, for now, is simplicity rather than bright and reflective surfaces - which would look too garish in our modern-day aesthetic tastes!

Shiny Chrome grill of an Acura
Chrome Delete on Grill of Acura

Why Chrome Delete?

You're driving a sleek black car and want to make it even more stealthy, but you don't know how. There are many options out there for people who just can't get enough of their dark rides like matte blacks, gloss blacks, or going all the way with chrome deletes which is what we recommend because Plasti Dip will only leave your ride looking good in certain conditions as opposed to having that factory OEM look without any mess at all!

Plasti Dip also lasts a little over a year under the best conditions.


Chrome Deletes from Obsidian Auto Spa are Guaranteed to last 3 years with proper care and maintenance. 

Shiny Tesla Model 3 Chrome
Chrome Deleted Tesla Model 3 with Carbon Fiber

Trim, Headlights, even your GRILLE, and more!

No matter if it's the B-pillars or the chrome gasket trim around the rear windshield, there are a lot of shiny chrome accents with cars.




We're not sure but little by little manufacturers are going away from the traditional chrome accents, look at Tesla for example.


The downside of chrome is that it can be easily ruined by paint or dips which makes them less than ideal in certain situations like if you change your mind about it. That said if you need something easy to install and maintain then Chrome Delete services may just fit what you need! In general, people go Matte Black, Carbon Fiber, Satin Black, or Glossy Black because its durable enough without being too flashy.

You might not think that it’d be possible to wrap your grille but you would be wrong. Our technicians can wrap even the craziest of curves, so don't let your unique vehicle stop you from getting a nice-looking one! Whichever color or pattern you choose will give long-lasting protection for years and is better than dips and sprays. Plus, we have finishes that are just too cool for plasti-dip or regular spray paints!

Why Obsidian Auto Spa?

Chrome deletes involve careful planning and cutting all along or even DIRECTLY on your vehicle. You could do it yourself or from someone who works out of their vehicle but do you really want to risk those blades on your vehicle?

At Obsidian Auto Spa we use both knife-less tape and freehand cutting to get you the closest OEM look possible while taking absolute care of your vehicle. 

Interested in this service? Contact us below using the links at the bottom and top of the page!

Prices for chrome delete generally start at $400 and go up depending on the amount of materials used and the complexity of the delete.


Every job is custom!

Shiny chrome on rear Acura
Chrome Deleted Emblem and letters
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