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Cobra Mustang
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating

This rare vehicle was an absolute pleasure to work on.

The vehicle is several years old at the time of writing. Although it might be a little older, the vehicle has only had one owner and has been fairly well taken care of. The owner wanted to get all those imperfections out and protect it for many years to come. So naturally, we came to Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating as the solution. 

This service took quite some time as the paint correction was a 2-step, increasing time dramatically. The wash and cleaning phase of the exterior did take a while because eventhought the car was generally well kept, the wheels required a lot of work. See below for our iron eater at work! After a short while of claying the vehicle, it was finally completely clean. It did take more time than most cars for the cleaning phase, but all that was left was for it to be prepped and ready for the Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating. 

Ford paint is right in the middle for hardness, not difficult to work on. This being said, finishing it with the second will require a much more delicate touch and the actual compounding was not difficult at all. Grabbing our favorite wool and cutting compound, we did our first step over the entire car, removing deeps swirls and moderate imperfections. Our second step required a finishing pad, our favorite compound, and a dual-action polisher.

Now that the Paint Correction process is out of the way, we begin the Ceramic Coating step. The entire car was prepped with an alcohol bath to make sure there was absolutely nothing left on the paint. We gave the vehicle one coat of the base layer and two hours later gave it its topcoat. The Ceramic Coating process itself can be very time consuming if it is to be done correctly. A sedan this size can easily take 5+ hours from pre-coat to the final layer of the Ceramic Coating being wiped off. Any company able to do multiple layers of a Ceramic Coating in under 4 hours is either not waiting long enough between coats, not doing all the coats they say they are, or simply using inferior products.


After giving the owners the do's and don'ts of Ceramic Coatings, the car was ready for the photo shoot. Thanks to Paint Correction the car is now scratch free and has a mirror finish. They also have UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the 4-year Ceramic Coating. 

Ceramic Coated Ford Cobra
Paint Correction Ford Cobra
Iron Remover on Wheels
Rear view of Shelby Cobra
Polished Ford Cobra Emblem

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