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Adios Chrome!
Chrome has been popular for decades, but now it’s time to delete the shine.
Chrome Delete is a term used to describe any vinyl wrap that lets you hide (or even better, delete) the chrome trim on cars.
While some people are still trying to find more ways of adding this once popular metal plating around automobile windows and grilles, most car owners have entered the 21st-century aesthetics by not wanting these shiny details anymore. Instead what we're all looking out, for now, is simplicity rather than bright and reflective surfaces.

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Full Chrome delete starts at $450 and goes up depending on the amount of material needed and the complexity of the service.
Shiny Chrome Tesla Model 3
Chrome Deleted Tesla Model 3
Specialists in Luxury and High-End Vehicles
Shiny Chrome Handle
Chrome Deleted Handle
Shiny Letters
Chrome Deleted Emblem and Letters
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