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Corvette Detailed in El Paso Texas

Orange Corvette
Paint Correction
Engine Bay

This beautiful orange Corvette has come into our detailing studio for some work on its paint and engine. Specifically, paint correction and an engine bay cleaning and dressing.

This was a very exciting vehicle for us to work on, and while the vehicle is not getting a Ceramic Coating yet, the owner said it is something he plans to do in the near future. He bought the vehicle in Ohio several years ago since the dealerships here in El Paso were not giving him a good price. He drove it back and has kept it garaged and light use for the past 7 years!

Because the car has been garage kept and used lightly, prepping the vehicle for paint correction was very easy. Step one was a rinse of the entire vehicle to make sure all loose debris came off. This was then followed by an iron fallout remover which dwelled for a few minutes turning the entire vehicle purple!

After the iron remover, we gave it a good rinse and a followed by a hose-less wash to conserve water. The very last step performed before the actual Paint-Correction was a clay bar to the entire vehicle. This ensured that the vehicle was as bare as can be so no contaminants could interfere with the correction.

The paint correction on the vehicle was a bit different than we're used to. The vast majority of cars we work on here at Obsidian Auto Spa are luxury and high-end vehicles. These types of vehicles generally have soft to extremely soft levels of paint. The softness referring to how much abrasive is necessary to correct paint. Softer paint requires less aggression and harder paint requires more. The drawback of a softer paint is they are easily damaged and scratched. The pro is that they look amazing.


Corvette paint isn't soft and is a lot more on the hard side. We gave each panel 3 passes with a medium polishing pad and correction compound to get all the minor swirls and defects out of the paint. The end result is a vastly improved finish on the vehicle. 

After the one-step paint correction on the vehicle, it was followed up with dressing on the tires. We use a water-based dressing to reduce the chance of sling as well as safety. The final touches are done before the engine detail. Final exterior touches include glass cleaning, compound cleaning, and IPA wipe, wax/sealant application, and trim restoration. 

As with the well-kept exterior, the engine bay did not need a lot of work either. The engine compartment has settled dust, dirt, and a small amount of grime. With our favorite APC, soap, and elbow grease it came out looking new. All that was left was to put dressings on all necessary areas to have the engine look as good as the outside!

Now that the vehicle has received its paint correction and engine bay detail, it was ready for a photoshoot and pick-up from the owner! The owner plans to put a ceramic coating on this vehicle after doing some minor repairs. He was very pleased with his vehicle and we at Obsidian Auto Spa eagerly await the time to put a ceramic coating on this vehicle.


Polished Corvette Logo in El Paso
H2NO detailing a Corvette in El Paso
Paint Corrected Corvette hood in El Paso
IGL banner with Corvette in El Paso
Paint Correction on trunk of Corvette
Rear shot of Corvette with Paint Correction
Full Corvette with paint correction in El Paso
Passenger view of detailed corvette in El Paso
Detailed engine bay of Corvette in El Paso
H2NO polishing Corvette emblem in El Paso

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