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DIY Ceramic Coating
(Graphene Coating)

Want a professional grade coating without the price?

Look no further than Obsidian Graphene Coating.

The coatings market has become saturated by purchase aids like Amazon which contribute heavily to promoting poor products. There are of course some decent products out there but the VAST majority will be low quality and wear out on you in a year or two. 

This is where our own brand of coating comes into play.


  • It is professional-grade that our chemists make just for us, directly from Europe. 

  • Our Graphene Coating has incredible hydrophobic properties that bead water off!

  • Combines at the molecular level with your vehicle's paint to provide long-lasting 10 H hardness protection and resistance against scratches, oxidation, corrosion, acid rain, and harsh chemicals.

  • One layer gives you 2-3 years of protection, better than most decent consumer-friendly coatings.

  • Two layers give you a MINIMUM OF 6 YEARS of protection! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Three layers are the maximum and will last well over a decade if taken care of!

  • One coating for all your car needs! Paint, chrome, metal, plastics, trim, glass, and even leather can all be coated by this amazing product.

We offer it in two varieties to meet your needs best.

Are you an avid car enthusiast and have most of your own supplies?


Then our bottle and applicator pack are perfect for you.

New to the detailing world and need everything included from start to finish of the coating process?

The Full OAS Graphene Kit will have you covered!

Coating Packages

Full OAS Graphene Kit : $150

Everything you need to coat and protect long-term!

Do you love your car? Then this is the ticket to keep it looking the best for years to come! There is enough in this kit to coat two sedans twice each! It includes everything you need from start to finish of coating the vehicle and maintaining it! Professional grade bottles, towels, and detailing supplies. There are not any Costco, Sam's Club, or Amazon supplies in it.


  • 1 50ml bottle of OAS Graphene Coating

  • 2 Applicators

  • 1 24oz Bottle of Coating Booster

  • 1 8oz Bottle of IPA Prep Spray

  • 4 Microfiber Coating Towels

  • 2 Microfiber Finishing Towels

Obsidian Graphene Coating and supplies

Coating and Applicator : $90

Just the necessities to get going!

If you already have detailing supplies and just need the minimum to get going, this is perfect for you.


  • 1 50ml bottle of OAS Graphene Coating

  • 1 Applicator

Obsidian Auto Spa Graphene Coating Bottle

Installation instructions and FAQ

Click here for installation instructions!

Video installation instructions and tips!

Ceramic Coating Care and Maintenance Tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why sell a coating if you're a System-X installer?

A: We use both coatings in our professional installs. While we are unable to resell System-X coatings, there's nothing stopping us from selling our coating to those interested in DIY.

Q: What are the warranties?

A: The listed numbers in relation to longevity are expected for a professional installation. Because this is a DIY product, there are no warranties since we can't guarantee the installation is at the same level we would do in the shop. 

Q: What can I coat with this?

A: Almost anything on or in your vehicle!

  • Paint

  • Glass

  • Leather (1 Layer Only)

  • Metal

  • Trim

  • Chrome

  • Plastics


Q: How many vehicles can I coat with 1 bottle?

A: If done properly, you should be able to put 2 layers on the paint of 2 sedan-sized vehicles. If you have a large truck, you can get 2 layers on but won't likely have enough left over to do another vehicle. 

Q: Can I buy bulk or large quantities of the coating?

A: Absolutely, give us a call/text at 915-549-3728 or send us an email at so we can get you a better price than the ones listed on this page. These come directly to us from Europe, with no reboxing or rebranding like most "US Based" companies. With that being said, large orders may have a wait time of up to 3 weeks. 

Q: What is the shelf life of the coating?

A: An unopened bottle stored in a cool, dry area, out of the sunlight will be good for up to two years. An opened bottle should be used within 6 months. 

Q: I have so many questions about installing this product, where do I go?

Give us a call/text at 915-549-3728 or send us an email at We are more than happy to help and guide you along the way. If you prefer to pick up your product in person, we can go over the installation process very thoroughly with you. 

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