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Detailed Jaguar in El Paso Tx

Jaguar R-Type
Paint Correction
Interior Detail

The beautiful 2016 Jaguar R-Type. A very rare and amazing car has come into the detailing studio to get some restoration done. 

This was a very exciting vehicle for us to work on, and while the vehicle is not getting a Ceramic Coating yet, the owner said it is something he plans to do in the near future. He bought it used and wanted to get some more cosmetic repairs first. 

The vehicle itself was not very well maintained on the exterior, the rims were black, bugs all over the hood, and lots of tar all over the vehicle. Step one was a rinse of the entire vehicle to make sure all loose debris came off. This was then followed by an iron fallout remover which dwelled for a few minutes turning the entire vehicle purple! The wheels were especially contaminated and turned the rinse into a purple stream of water. 

After the iron remover, we gave it a good rinse and a followed by a hose-less wash to conserve water. The very last step performed before the actual Paint-Correction was a clay bar to the entire vehicle. This ensured that the vehicle was as bare as can be so no contaminants could interfere with the correction.

The paint correction on the vehicle was a breeze as long as you are familiar with the type of hardness the paint has. Jaguar paint isn't soft nor is it hard. It's somewhere in the middle, similar to that of Mercedes paint. Personally, this is the ideal paint because it has enough give to correct easily but isn't too soft that it leaves buffer trails or marrs easily. We gave each panel 3 passes with a light polishing pad and correction compound to get all the minor swirls and defects out of the paint. The end result is a vastly improved finish on the vehicle. 

After the one step paint correction on the vehicle, it was followed up with dressing on the tires. We use a waterbased dressing to reduce chance of sling as well as safety. The final touches are done before the interior detail. Final exterior touches include glass cleaning, compound cleaning and IPA wipe, wax/sealant application and trim restoration. 

Luckily for the new owner and for us the interior was well taken care of and did not require much work. Matts and carpets are vacuumed and shampood. Leather is cleaned and conditioned to restore flexibility and prolong life. Cupholders and all the nooks received a foaming clean to remove all residue and leave a clean satin look. The final steps on the interior was a general wipe down to remove any cleaning residue along with glass degassing and cleaning. 

Now that the vehicle has been completely detailed and received its paint correction, it was ready for a photo shoot and pick-up from the owner! The owner plans to put a ceramic coating on this vehicle after doing some modification and repairs. He was very pleased with his vehicle and we at H2NO eagerly await the time to put a ceramic coating on this vehicle.


Jaguar emblem polished
Paint correction on a Jaguar R type
Hood of Jaguar R type in El Paso Texas
Vents detailed of Jaguar in El Paso Texas
Trunk paint correction in El Paso Texas
IGL logo with Jaguar trunk
Passenger view of detailed Jaguar r type
Bumper polished of Jaguar in El Paso Texas
Paint Correction on handle of Jaguar in El Paso
Polished Jaguar logo in El Paso Texas
Detailed steering wheel of Jaguar in El Paso
Interior Detail of Jaguar in El Paso

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