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E Type
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating

This vehicle was an absolutely incredible experience to work on. It received a lot of work from us here at Obsidian Auto Spa: Paint Correction, Wheel Coating, and Ceramic Coating.

At the time of writing, this vehicle is over 50 years old and still looking decent before it came in. Despite its age, the wear and tear is not nearly as bad as you would expect from a vehicle this age. It has seen its share of fender benders, repairs, and general use but overall it's still very good-looking and workable. The owner wanted to get all those imperfections out and protect it for many years to come. So naturally, we came to Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating as the solution.

The wash and cleaning phase of the exterior did not take very long as the owner kept it well maintained. After a short while of claying the vehicle, it was finally completely clean. It did take more time than most cars for the cleaning phase, but all that was left was for it to be prepped and ready for the Paint Correction, wheel coating, and Ceramic Coating. 


The only thing a little different on this particular job was prepping the wheels for a coating. Using our nano polisher and mini rotary, we polished the wheel faces so that they shine like new again. As you'll see in the pictures below, there were MANY little spokes for us to work on. Our wheel person took nearly the entire day on the wheels. It was four stages for them. Clean the wheels, polish the wheels, wipe down the wheels with IPA Solution, 1st coat on the wheels, and finally 2nd coat on the wheels. This process is quite time-consuming but well worth it in the end!


Now for polishing the paint. Jaguar paint is a breeze to work on as long as you're careful, not very soft but also not on the hard side either. We did our first step over the entire car, removing deep swirls and moderate imperfections. Our second step required a finishing pad, our favorite compound, and a dual-action polisher.


Now that the Paint Correction process is out of the way, we begin the Ceramic Coating step. The entire car was prepped with IGL Pre-coat to make sure there was absolutely nothing left on the paint. As we ceramic coat the paint, we will also ceramic coat the wheels at the same time. Different products but similar applications and times. We gave the vehicle one coat of the base layer and two hours later gave it its topcoat. The Ceramic Coating process itself can be very time-consuming if it is to be done correctly. A sedan this size can easily take 5+ hours from pre-coat to the final layer of the Ceramic Coating being wiped off. Any company able to do multiple layers of Ceramic Coating in under 4 hours is either not waiting long enough between coats, not doing all the coats they say they are, or simply using inferior products.


After giving the owners the do's and don'ts of Ceramic Coatings, the car was ready for the photo shoot. Thanks to Paint Correction the car is now scratch free and has a mirror finish. They also have UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the Ceramic Coating. 

Jaguar E Type Front Ceramic Coated
White Wall Tires Cleaned
Rear side view of Jaguar E type
Rear passenger side view of Jaguar E Type
Full white wall tires ceramic coated
Full Side view of ceramic coated Jaguar E Type
White wall tires polished
Ceramic Coated Roof of Jaguar E Type
Front of Jaguar E Type
Hood of Jaguar E Type Ceramic Coated
Hood of Ceramic Coated Jaguar E Type
Windshield of Jaguar E Type
Ceramic Coated Jaguar E Type Ornament
Ceramic Coated Gas Panel
Ceramic Coated Trunk Jaguar E Type
Ceramic Coated Jaguar E Type Emblem
Rear driver view of Jaguar E Type
Front Bumper of Ceramic Coated Jaguar E Type
Official Jaguar Sticker
Ceramic Coated Jaguar Mirrors
Ceramic Coated Spoke Tires
Half of front of Ceramic Coated Jaguar E Type
Polished MK2 Jaguar E Type
Polished and ceramic coated tail lights
Polished and ceramic coated headlights
Ceramic Coated Bumper of Jaguar E Type
Side View of Jaguar E Type Polished
Ceramic Coated Trunk Polished
Jaguar  3.4 Emblem Polished
Polished MK2 Emblem
Micro view of Polished and ceramic coated tires
Interior detail of Jaguar E Type

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