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Mercedes GLE Paint Correction in El Paso

Mercedes GLE
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating

This was one of our first Mercedes GLE vehicles to have a Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating and Chip Repair package.

This GLE is a new vehicle and fairly well taken care of. It had a lot of swirls but only a few scratches and very few that were deep. They were recently hit by another car without their knowledge and has lots of paint chips and pieces where the paint completely came off. The owner wanted to get all those imperfections out and protect it for many years to come. So naturally, we came to Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Chip Repair as the solution. 

This was a mobile service in the customer's driveway that lasted two days! The wash and cleaning phase of the job took quite a while as when the car was swiped, a lot of paint from the other car got transferred over to this one. Much claying was necessary to remove all the transferred paint. Once all paint and contaminants were removed, paint chip repair was up next.

The chip repair phase can be tedious as with chip repair, the paint will never look flawless again but the goal is to have it look far better than it currently did. We did some wet sanding to give the paint something to hang on to and slowly worked our way over the chips and missing paint areas. Some parts came out almost flawless and some were more noticeable since they were about an inch of missing paint. With chip repair on big spots, you're looking for a "6 footer". They should be unnoticeable to a strange until they get within 6 feet. Luckily very few were 6 footers and most spots you had to know exactly where to look in order to find them. After the paint had dried, it was time to move on to Paint Correction and eventually some Ceramic Coating.

Mercedes has one of our favorite hardness strengths for paint. It's not as hard as a Chevy but nowhere near as soft as an Audi or Tesla. A light polishing pad and medium compound were all that was needed to remove all minor scratches and even a few big ones. For the very deep scratches, we needed to wet sand, compound, and polish to have them completely removed. For the rest of the vehicle, since it was well taken care of, the Paint Correction was done in only a few passes with no swirls, trails or hazing left behind. After wiping off all residual polish, the only big step left was to apply the Ceramic Coating.

Now that the Paint Correction process is out of the way, we begin the Ceramic Coating step. This Ceramic Coating wasn't like the ones in the past as those were for paint. This Ceramic Coating was going on the glass, to provide all the same benefits as on paint but to include a clearer window, less glare, and much easier to see through the rain. The process is similar, you polish the glass to remove all imperfections and do a special clean and pre-coat before the Ceramic Coating is put on. After all the prep work was done, the Ceramic Coating was put on the glass and cured to a crystal clear layer.


After giving the owners the do's and don'ts of Ceramic Coatings, the car was ready for the photoshoot. The paint now looks much more cohesive and missing paint spots are now almost impossible to see. Thanks to Paint Correction the car is now scratch free and has a mirror finish. The glass also has UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the Ceramic Coating. 

Paint Chip Repair in El Paso TX
Paint Correction on Mercedes GLE in El Paso TX
Detailed Wheel of Mercedes GLE in El Paso TX
Paint Correction on trunk of GLE in El Paso TX
Paint Corretion on GLE Handle in El Paso TX
Driver Side View of GLE Paint Correction
Full Trunk View of Paint Correction on a Mercedes in El Paso TX
Paint Chip Repair on Side Mirrors in El Paso TX
Polish Metal Liner of Mercedes GLE in El Paso
Paint Correction on Hood of Mercedes GLE

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