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Paint Correction Comparison in El Paso Texas

Paint Correction

Maserati Paint Correction
50/50 Maserati Paint Correction

In order to restore your car to the factory finish, maybe even better, Paint Correction is needed to provide a deep and rich gloss. True paint correction is not simply a "polish" or "cut and compound" that can be done quickly. That train of thought is very common throughout body shops and general-purpose detailers. At Obsidian Auto Spa, we specialize in the delicate paints of Tesla, Audi, Porshe, and BMW. We understand the general tendencies of these paints and how to restore it correctly and safely with Paint Correction.

Imperfections such as water spots, small scratches, bird etchings, swirl marks, and sandblasting are responsible for causing your vehicle to lose its shine and protective capabilities. Our Paint Correction can remove these problems and you can avoid having to respray the panel(s) which can be very expensive and/or come out uneven from the rest of the vehicle. 

The very first thing we will do is evaluate your vehicle with you. We go over the different types of imperfections on the paint, going over what can and cannot be fixed. Most importantly, we check the thickness of the clear coat to see if paint correction is an option. There must be a certain level of clear coat on your paint to protect the actual base layer of your paint from fading and damaging. At the end of the evaluation, based on our experience with the manufacturer and expertise, we provide you with an estimate of the time needed and a quote for the Paint Correction.

Before Paint Correction takes place, we have to prep your vehicle for work.

  1. This involves foaming your vehicle to remove dirt and loose particles. 

  2. Hoseless hand washes with several microfiber towels to ensure no dirt contamination or debris.

  3. Apply fallout remover to remove any bonded contaminants.

  4. Clay bar treatment to remove anything else that may be left on your vehicle.

  5. Measure the paint thickness with a Paint Thickness Gauge to ensure that your vehicle is safe for correction. If someone begins work on your car without using this tool, you might be soon be paying thousands of dollars to respray your car from improper techniques and information. 

  6. Find a test spot to work in the least aggressive Paint Correction method to most aggressive as necessary Paint Correction methods to restore the paint. Most "detailers" will simply go with the most aggressive Paint Correction method to save time but that is removing an invaluable clear coat from your paint that is not usually necessary. 

  7. We use all the least aggressive steps necessary of Paint Correction on your paint for both the highest satisfaction and safety for your vehicle. Steps may include wet sanding, compound, polish, jewel.

  8. Lastly, we protect your vehicle with a coating of your choice:

    • Wax - 1-3 months protection

    • Sealant - 4-6 months protection

    • Ceramic Coating - 4-10 years protection

Different type of paint defects requiring Paint Correction
50/50 Paint Correction on Jaguar Red
Before Paint Correction Porsche
Porsche After Paint Correction


How much time will Paint Correction take?


That is dependent on the vehicle and the owner. Every vehicle is different and every paint is different. A mid-level correction may take all day or 3 days. A full mirror finish on finicky paint may take an entire week of work. 


What is the cost of this service?


This takes us back again to the needs of the vehicle and the owner. A week of work on finicky paint and flawless finish will absolutely cost more than a day or two of work. We will discuss this at length during the evaluation of your vehicle.


Doesn't polishing or compounding leave marks and remove too much clear coat?


In the hands of seasoned professionals, our tools remove only as much clear coat necessary to give you the best finish and still protect your base layer paint. We use Paint Depth Gauges to measure your clear coat as to not go too far. These devices range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars but are worth every penny since they will save TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Swirl markings or buffing marks are left when there is inexperience, amateur techniques, inferior products, and/or lack of preparation. 

Price: Based on the needs of customers & evaluation in person

Paint correction quotes are free:

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