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Who makes the best ceramic car coating?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

With the plethora of ceramic coatings available today, choosing the right one can be very difficult. If you go to Amazon or any detailing website you can find many different consumer grade ceramic coatings. Some professionals even prefer some of the consumer grade coatings. CQuartz is a popular consumer grade coating that a lot of professionals like. If you go to professional grade and detailer authorized coatings, the list gets a bit smaller but can still be confusing.

Disclaimer: H2NO Elite Detailing is not endorsed nor receives any incentives to promote or talk about IGL Coating.

Here at H2NO we use IGL Coatings because in our experience, there is no better VALUE. It is also a professional grade coating so it is only available to professional and authorized detailers. You can't get this on Amazon! So let's explain our three main reasons why we use IGL instead of the other consumer or professional grade coatings.


All ceramic coatings have a similar base formula but when it comes to the specifics, everyone is a little bit different. Most ceramic coatings claim 70 to 90% high silica solids in their products. IGL is one of the few that can claim 100% high silica solids. These silica solids are what bond together at the nano level to protect your vehicle and greatly increase its gloss levels. This will also mean better protection, up to a 10H hardness level and unparalleled hydrophobic properties. This hardness level will greatly increase resistances to scratching and micro-marring. It's not scratch-proof but it is far more protected than without it, a worthwhile investment if you are a perfectionist like us.

Eco Friendly

One of our big goals at H2NO is to change the detailing and carwash methods of the industry. Being eco friendly is extremely important to us. This is why we only use battery/sun powered tools and minimal amounts of water to detail your vehicles. IGL Coatings is helping us with that mission.

If you have ever applied a car coating or been in the same room as someone who is applying one, you will quickly get a headache due to the odors from coatings. Detailers should be wearing a respirator while installing coatings and this is recommended from all coating manufacturers. Because of this, most coatings will still leave a lingering scent or odor in the garage or room where it was applied. If this is your personal garage, most would deem it unsafe. While most ceramic coatings are made with hazardous materials, IGL Coatings have worked extensively to improve hazardous formulations and create eco-friendly, low VOC coatings for a better and safer world. We personally still wear respirators when installing IGL coatings but when finished, have noticed no lingering scent or smells from the coating after installation.


IGL coatings are a very straight forward company that do not try to oversell or overpromise their products. Most general coatings advertise their products lasting anywhere from 2-10 years, some even "life-time". The honest truth about 90% of them is they are misleading you.

1. Those advertised at "lifetime" products use the rationalization that since the average person only keeps a car 5-10 years, their product will last the "lifetime" of that car for most people.

2. Advertised age does NOT include working life for most coatings. Let me explain. Companies will say it lasts X amount of time. They are not wrong, the coating will still be on there after X amount of years, assuming proper care and maintenance, providing some level of gloss ONLY. The working life refers to the product still providing protection and hydrophobic properties. For most companies, even those claiming 5-9 years, that working life is usually a small fraction of that specified time.

What IGL advertises is the working life of their product. Their coatings are guaranteed to provide you with the full working life of the specific product.

The list could go on and on about why we exclusively use IGL ceramic coatings. However, for us personally, these were the main factors in deciding why to exclusively use IGL coatings for our ceramic, leather, fabric, trim and tire options.

Interested in IGL Coatings for your vehicle?

Reach out to us and get started in the best and most eco friendly coating available!

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