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Jetta Paint Correction and Paint Chip Repair

This job was quite an undertaking that lasted two days.

The owner contacted us after seeing some previous chip repair and wanted the same done to this vehicle. It was preowned and the previous owner treated it a bit on the rougher side. It's new owner wanted to make it look as close to new as possible without dropping thousands of dollars on a new paint job.

Paint chip repair and some paint correction will do just that!

As with almost all jobs, we started off with a hoseless wash of the entire vehicle and paint decontamination. After the wash, we got our favorite clay lubricant and got to work claying the vehicle in all the necessary spots. There are some trains of thought thinking that you need to clay bar frequently. The clay itself is abrasive and does in fact scratch your paint as you use. So to use it monthly will definitely micro mar your paint a lot over time. Clay only the areas necessary, and find out using the plastic bag test to see if it's necessary.

After the clay bar process, we began to mark and wet sand all of the chip locations. Particularly in the back under the trunk was a gigantic line where the paint is missing. Probably from an item in the trunk fell as they were removing it. The hood had a lot of chips. The sides and trunk also had their fair share of scratches, chips, and defects that needed to come out.

We got straight to work filling in all the chips and after a few hours, all the paint chips were filled. That marks the end of the first day of work!

The fresh paint needs a few days to settle and harden before any polishing can be done. So we came back after a few days to finish the job!

Now on our second day of work, we begin with a wash to make sure everything is ready and clean. After our wash, we check the chips to determine if all is well. And like clockwork, everything is ready for paint correction.

Being an older and roughed up car, the owner opted for a 1-step correction as well as a wax. This car will be a daily driver and is not a "show car" so doing a 2-step or even a 3-step would be overkill for this kind of vehicle.

Being a Volkswagen vehicle, this car had very soft paint. Not as soft as a Tesla, but still soft like an Audi. This called for our favorite compound and a light polishing pad. The results are a great improvement in clarity and reflection as seen below.

The entire car received the 1-step but extra care was taken when working around the paint chips. Although they are ready for polishing, the chips themselves can still be pulled out of the car. This is why it is also advised to avoid the bristled car washes after paint touchups because the brushes can tug or even pull out the paint chips.

Now that all the minor imperfections are gone, it is time to wax the vehicle with our favorite hybrid wax/sealant. After 30 minutes of machine applying the wax, it's time for a well-deserved break as we let the wax settle in.

30 minutes pass and it's time to rub the wax off and finish with the wheels and glass. Wheels are a breeze due to this being their 3rd washing and glass is just as easy since there's nothing on them.

It took 2 days of work and a lot of attention to detail, but the car is looking like new again. It went from an abused car to a vehicle worthy of being called restored. See for yourself!

Paint chip repair on a Jetta in El Paso TX
10 to 20 chips in this picture fixed.

Jetta chip repair in El Paso Texas
About 30 hood chips in the picture

Waxed car in El Paso Texas
10 - 15 chip repairs in this picture

Paint chip repair on a trunk in El Paso Texas
10 chips and a 2 inch x 1/2 inch scratch repaired

H2NO Elite Detailing:

Ceramic Coating from IGL Coatings

- 2 to 10-year warranties

Graphene Coating from Surface Protective Solutions

- 5-year coating with improved water spot resistance

Paint Correction/Restoration

- 1, 2, or 3 step corrections available

Paint Enhancement

Paint Chip Repair

Interior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Mini-Detailing Interior/Exterior

Detailing Maintenance Programs

Tesla Modifications

If there are any services you want to be done for your vehicle, let us know.

We love to make cars look great!

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