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Silver Audi A4 Detail

Those four glorious rings.

Polished Audi rings in El Paso
Those four glorious rings!

We love all luxury vehicles but one of our personal favorites is the Audi brand. There's just something about the way they design the interior that looks so appealing. It makes detailing the vehicle a satisfying activity.

This particular Audi came in for a full detail! The owner wanted the inside and outside to look brand new again, and as you'll see, this detail did just that.

We work from the inside out after a pre-wash soak and iron removal.

So our very first steps in any detail, paint correction or ceramic coating is to:

  • Rinse the vehicle

  • Apply fallout remover and wheel foam

  • Allow a few minutes for the chemicals to work

  • Apply pre-foam wash

  • Allow a few minutes for chemicals to work

  • Rinse and dry

After that initial decontamination, we begin work on the interior working from the back forward; starting with the trunk.

The trunk alone was quite a workout. There were mountains of leaves and dirt in all the jambs as well as a decent amount of pine needles inside the trunk itself. With pressurized air, our favorite APC, vacuum, and a LOT of elbow grease, it was looking brand new again. Now that all the contaminants are removed, we began to shampoo the trunk and finish with fabric protection.

The next step is the rear seats and they needed some help too, not nearly as much as the trunk though. It had you generic trash of receipts, bags, and dirt but also had stains from milk (owners have children). Some more of our APC and vacuuming took care of it all. We followed up with a leather conditioner for the seats and shampoo for the mats and floor.

Our second to the last step is the front passenger. This was the easiest part of the entire detail as it had very little dirt and wear. The final step though and almost always the most worn is the driver area. This is almost always the most worn as it is the most occupied seat and dirty encounters from food, shoes, etc. With A LOT of APC and elbow grease, the entire interior has been cleaned to look like new, if not better!

Detailed driver side interior in El Paso
Clean Driver

Now for our favorite part of the vehicle, the exterior.

Most of the heavy lifting has already been done with the fallout remover, wheel cleaner, and pre-soak foam. Now we pretreat bug and tar areas with our tar remover and begin to clay bar the entire vehicle. We clay the tar and sap from trees that are all over the vehicle.

The bug remover did a great job of removing the bugs from the front of the car!

Removed bugs from Audi front rings
Bug Free!

This vehicle wasn't receiving any paint correction so our final paint step was to put IGL Premier ceramic sealant to protect for up to 6 months!

Now that the paint and interior are ready, the finishing touches just needed to be done to the glass, plastic, and wheels.

Glass - clean and buff!

Wheels - clean and apply dressing!

Plastic - apply dressing!

After the final touches, the car has been completely detailed! It's ready for a photoshoot as well as for the customer to pick it up. The owner was very impressed and is considering paint correction and ceramic coating with a coating for the leather since they have kids.

See the results below!

Ceramic sealant on an Audi in El Paso
Full Frontal
Detailed console in an Audi
Clean console
Detailed audi trunk in El Paso
No more leaves!
Detailed audi wheels in El Paso TX
Clean wheels!

H2NO Elite Detailing:

Ceramic Coating from IGL Coatings

- 4 to 10-year warranties

Graphene Coating from Surface Protective Solutions

- 5-year coating with improved water spot resistance

Paint Correction/Restoration

- 1, 2, or 3 step corrections available

Paint Enhancement

Paint Chip Repair

Interior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Mini-Detailing Interior/Exterior

Detailing Maintenance Programs

Tesla Modifications

If there are any services you want to be done for your vehicle, let us know.

We love to make cars look great!

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