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Red Tesla Model 3 Detailed

Red Tesla Model 3
Paint Correction
Ceramic Coating

This particular car was one of the very first Teslas we have ever seen on the east side of El Paso. Now Teslas are a lot more common all over El Paso and Las Cruces but when this service was performed, most of the ones we had seen were on the Westside or in Las Cruces.

Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to detail, Paint correct and Ceramic coat this vehicle. 

As you will see below, even though the car was less than one year old, it still needed some Paint Correction. There were swirls from drive-thru car washes along with some scratches from general use. 

One spot on this car and common in many high-end vehicles with sensitive paint is that it came with a blemish in the paint. There was a white spot about the size of a golfball on the trunk. This is a factory defect and highly visible in the sun. 

Being less than one year old and well maintained by the owner, prepping it for paint correction was a breeze. A simple hand wash and spot clay bar would be all that is needed to get everything prepped for Paint Correction.

Due to the VERY soft nature of the clear coat on Teslas, Paint Correction on this vehicle required very fine polishes and pads. Most of the vehicle was corrected in only a few passes with no swirls, trails, or hazing left behind. After wiping off all residual polish, the only big step left was to apply the Ceramic Coating.

We prepped the entire car with IGL Pre-coat to make sure there was absolutely nothing left on the paint. We gave the vehicle one coat of the base layer and two hours later gave it topcoat. The Ceramic Coating process itself can be very time-consuming. A sedan this size can easily take 5+ hours from pre-coat to the final layer of the Ceramic Coating being wiped off. 


After giving the owner the do's and don'ts of Ceramic Coatings, the car was ready for the portfolio shoot. Thanks to Paint Correction this car is now scratch-free and has a mirror finish. It also has UV protection, heat protection, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and much more thanks to the 4-year Ceramic Coating. For being a red vehicle, its reflective properties are off the charts!

Tesla Model 3 Ceramic coating at eye level in El Paso TX
Front Wheel Red Tesla Model 3
Red Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating in el paso TX
Low front view of Red Tesla model 3 with ceramic coating
Paint correction on a red Tesla model 3 trunk in El Paso TX
Driver side view of ceramic coating red tesla model 3
Passenger corner angle of red Tesla model 3 ceramic coating in El Paso TX
Spray ceramic coating bottle on red Tesla Model 3 mirror
Trunk of paint correction and ceramic coating red Tesla Model 3 in El Paso TX
Rear driver corner view of red Tesla Model 3 detailing in El Paso TX

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