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Modified Tesla Model 3 in El Paso

Tesla Modding

As Tesla specialists and Tesla owners, we do more than just Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings. We know not everything that comes with the car is exactly how we want it.

This is why we offer modding to your vehicle.

Exterior Mods

A must-have upgrade!

Why should you replace the existing Model 3 OEM trunk/frunk lift support?

The Tesla App is great for opening the trunk/frunk remotely, but when the trunk hatch opens, it opens just a little. If your hands are full, you have to put the bags or items you’re carrying on the floor, and then pull open the trunk/frunk hatch.

These upgraded lifts will always have your frunk/trunk open completely from the app.  They will still need to be closed manually but the added convenience and price are a must have value for anyone that uses their trunk/frunk regularly!

1 item : frunk or trunk : $50 (includes installation)

Both frunk and trunk: $80 (includes installation)

Don't fear the curbs anymore!

As Tesla owners, we can tell you how the rim of the wheels are so very easily scratched and rubbed against curbs at the drive-thru or other tight spots.

It isn't your fault that this sometimes happens. The lip of the rim sticks out more than the actual wheel itself so those things are bound to happen eventually.

If you’re looking for maximum wheel rim protection, rim savers are the best product. They are light, strong, and resist tearing on impact.

Available in multiple colors if you want to change your look or simply match and correct some previous road rash.

Set of four wheels: $200 (Includes Installation)

Interior Mods

Tesla M3 Silver Rim Savers
Rim Saver Colors

Say goodbye to constant dust and fingerprints!


Most of the Model 3 Interior looks absolutely amazing.

However, one thing that drives most M3 owners crazy is the piano black center console.  It constantly has fingerprints and is a dust magnet.

Replace it with something easier to maintain and to most, looks much better.

These vinyl console wraps are built to last and cover all visible parts of the console. 

Available in : Deep Matte Black & Carbon Fiber

Full console wrap: $100 (Includes Installation)

Full Matte Black
Full Carbon Fiber
Zoom Carbon Fiber
Zoom Matte Black

Protect your Model 3 aluminum plates from scratches.


The aluminum front door sills for the Model 3 look great but they are prone to scratches. Scratches on the surface are more visible, and it will be hard to restore back to its original appearance without costly machine polishing.


This self-healing 3M clear protection film provides a clear protective layer that not only protects but also does not alter the original beautiful design of the door sill!

Pair of Sills: $60 (Includes Installation)

Aerial Zoom
Side View

Got any other mods you would like to see?

Click here to let us know!

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